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What are the different Image Size Downloads? The example image link below has a quality set very low for website purposes and is only being used to show the size of the image.

Any purchased image will be of the highest quality. Click the zoom to see actual size. Click Here For an Example

I want to purchase a Gift Certificate. Click Here

Does it cost anything to create an account ? Will I get spam mail?
No. Your information is safe and secure and we never spam.

I would like to hire Xotio for my Event. Is that possible?
Yes. We do a wide variety of events and you can contact us for details and pricing. Click Here

I can't seem to log in or place an order.

Click this link for a slideshow on how to log in and place an order Click Here.

What is 'My Favorites?
'My Favorites' is a gallery you can create with only the photos you want to see and save to view later or make a purchase. Click the "Heart" Icon next to any image you want to add to your 'My Favorites'.

Where are 'My Favorites'?
Log in first, then click on 'My Account' toward the top right corner of the screen in the dropdown menu you will see 'My Favorites'.

I still can't seem to log in.
Log in information is case sensitive, be sure you have entered it correctly. If you have forgotten your password, email support@xotio.com with your name and from the email you have registered and we can reset it for you.

When creating a new account it may take some time for the system to activate and allow for sign in.
Please be patient and try again later if it is not allowing you to sign in.
If you are still having problems and tried everything above then drop us an email or give us a call.

I'm stuck! And I want to talk to you.
Sorry you are stuck. We are happy to help. There are 3 ways to contact us. Email us at support@xotio.com or call us at 801-977-0172 or Click Here